Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Today I am reviewing the Ozeri salad spinner

Today I am reviewing the Ozeri Salad Spinner

The Ozeri salad spinner works effortlessly for washing your salad. Start by placing your
salad in the bowl, then place the lid on top and unlock the switch. The pump action spinner
works very smoothly and fits nicely in your hand. I actually had to look to see if it was even
working, it was so smooth. After spinning push the decent sized and easy to push break button
to stop the spinning. The outer bowl is a heavy duty clear plastic, the inner spinner bowl is a softer flexible plastic. There is a gap of about one inch between the two bowls for the water to stay clear
of your dried salad. The lid appears to be heavy duty. It has a screw to remove the inner part of the
lid for cleaning. Which is nice. I have an older salad spinner and it is not removable and it is not as
easy to clean as this one is. The bottom of the outer bowl has a nice rubber grip, to keep it from
sliding around the counter while spinning. I really like that this bowl is BPA free, because plastic leaching into your food just isn’t good. The bowls are a nice size at 4.2qt. for the inner bowl and
5.5qt. for the outer bowl. After washing your salad, dump out the water and dry the bowl so you can toss and serve your salad in the same bowl. And it is dishwasher safe.  Overall I am very happy with this salad spinner.

Pics will be up soon, I am traveling and there is no internet for me to upload.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my review. I do not receive any compensation

and all opinions are my own.