Monday, April 11, 2016

First Aid Kit

Emergency First Aid Kit - Medical Supplies & 

Survival Bag

First aid kits are a necessity to have in every office, house, 
car, boat and RV. 
This is a very nice kit, that is perfect for small and medium 
It has pretty much everything you need to treat and protect 
most wounds. 
It comes in very nice case to keep everything together and 
It zips up and even has a carabiner clip so you can hang it up 
or clip it to something like a backpack. 
This would also be a great item to take camping or hiking. 
You can always replace any items that you use. 
It also has a whistle, tweezers and scissors. 
As for these three items which are like toys. The tweezers are pretty much 
useless, the scissors will cut paper and the whistle does work 
fine. But I would replace the scissors and tweezers.

*I received a discount on this product in exchange for 
testing and my review. All opinions are my own. I do not 
receive any form of compensation.

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