Thursday, April 7, 2016


This review is for the Rochway organic 
probiotic berry boost
with Acai, Pomegranate and Manuka Honey

Probiotics are know as the good bacteria and we all need to have plenty of the
good bacteria. These are especially good to have after taking antibiotics. I had
to take two weeks worth of antibiotics so I was happy to have gotten this just in
time. I have been taking this everyday. The Rochway probiotics make it easy
and a tasty way to get in the probiotics that you need. This is super easy to take
whether with water or just placing the powder under your tongue. These Probiotics
taste really good and kids will love it too. The powder reminds me of pixy stix,
it is very fine and dissolves quickly. The taste of this powder is so yummy and
I really enjoy taking it. I just ordered two more containers, since I am almost out.
As you can see in the photo.

*I received a discount on my original product purchase in exchange for my review. All opinions
are my own. I paid full price for my additional purchases.

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