Thursday, September 29, 2016

Garden Flag with Wrought Iron Stand


This American Flag with wrought iron stand post is a nice addition to my landscaping.
The post comes is three pieces that you easily screw together.
It comes with a clip to keep the flag hanging nicely and a rubber stopper to keep it from blowing off.
The flag is made from a thin polyester fabric that appears to be sewn well and can be see from either side.
All the materials are fine to be outside and should withstand the weather very well.
The wrought iron stand is sturdy and stands up very well when pushed into the ground.
It has two post that help to keep it stable.

Overall it is well made, sturdy and weather proof.
*I received this product for free.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

4 Way Hose Splitter


Today I am reviewing a 4-wasy hose splitter

This 4-way hose splitter is made of plastic with a rubber coating.
The 4 levers turn very easily and also have the rubber coating.
It is very heavy duty and the plastic connector is beefy, with large knobs to
get a good grip for turning on/off
The main connector is made of brass and the 4 other connectors
are either made of a coated brass, chrome or heavy aluminum.
It is very easy to attach to the faucet as well as use.
It also comes with an no-kink extender piece as well as extra rubber ring seals.
I like the construction of this item and feel that it is solid built.
I like that I am able to use more than one hose at a time. So if
I want to use a sprinkler with one hose, I can then water my flowers
with another hose or my husband can even wash his car all at the
same time.

Overall it is solid, heavy duty & durable, easy to use and pretty much weather proof.

*I received this product for free in exchange for testing and my review.
All opinions are my own.