Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Canvas Sling Bag/Purse


Today I am sharing my thoughts on the

Saygoer Sling Canvas Cross Body Bag with Adjustable Strap

*I received a discount on the purchase of this product. 
 I am under no obligation to use, give my thoughts or share my experience with this item. 
All opinions are my own and at my own discretion.

This bag is made out of a lightweight canvas fabric that also
appears to be washable.
It has a nice lining and all the seams are finished off with binding.
The strap is thinner than some straps I have had but it feels sturdy and feels like cotton.
It is a good length, is adjustable and has a good quality metal hardware adjuster to fit it to your liking.
There are a lot of pockets so you can organize and fit a lot of stuff inside of it. 
There are also small pockets conveniently located to quickly access items that you use frequently.
This bag is the perfect size for me, whether I am going to the grocery or out for the night. 
I do not like to carry large bags, so this is just the size for me.
I like that I can wear this on my person and not have to leave it lying around on a chair or in a grocery cart.
When I received this there were some loose strings hanging off of it, a quick clip with the scissors cleaned it right up.
The two zippered pockets zip smoothly.
It also also has a plastic clip that easily squeezes to open.
The one pocket on the front may be a little odd to some people since it is sideways and things could fall out of it when opening.
Well I use this for coupons and a notepad of paper, so it stays in even when I unzip it.
Or if you have small items in it, just turn the bag sideways so nothing falls out.
This can be worn as a cross body or over the shoulder.

Overall it appears to be made well, it is a nice size for me and has worked well. 
If you have any questions about this bag please feel free to ask in the comments.

You can find this on Amazon with this item # B01L71RUBC
this is in the color  -  Coffee

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